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Our Partner – The Country Victualler

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Fine Food producer The Country Victualler produce a range of traditional Hams, Pates and smoked meats as well as some of the great British favourites. Their nationwide customers include London Food Halls, delicatessens, most wine bars, pubs and caterers.

Since first producing the marmalade glazed Alderton ham, the Country Victualler has been flying the flag for Great British fine food products for over 40 years. With numerous awards under our belt, and a range of over 30 products including traditional glazed hams, handmade pates and now multi award-winning hand-raised pork pies, traditional sausages and hand cured bacon, the Country Victualler continues as a small family company with the philosophy that quality is paramount.

Our original Marmalade ham recipe was passed down from the late Colonel Dickenson, and today the recipe still remains the same. It’s a process that takes time, but results in a unique flavour, and a succulent and meltingly tender meat.  It’s these traditional processes that we carry through in the making of all our products that makes us so special.

Alison, the company director believes that it’s the history and traditional values of the company that strikes a chord with their customers, together with the company’s continuing commitment to provide the finest quality products with complete dedication to only the best in freshness and great taste.