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Butchers That Cure

Curing meat , the Maloney’s way

 Meet the expert: Daniel Salmon, general manager

Our approach to curing…

“We’ve cured our own bacon and hams for many years but we’ve recently tweaked our recipes and methods and now believe we’ve got it absolutely spot on. In fact, we’ve just won two gold stars in The Great Taste Awards – so it must be as good as we think!”

Creating our bacon

Firstly, we weigh the loin of pork before calculating how much salt blend is required. Then we rub the salt blend into the meat and turn it every day for six days. After this we rinse off excess salt and dry to remove excess moisture. Then our manually operated machine slices and packs the bacon into retail packs.

Creating our ham…

We take locally sourced pork carcasses, remove and de-bone the legs. Then we weigh the salt blend and mix with water before stirring thoroughly until dissolved. This mixture is injected into the meat ensuring all muscles are injected. We leave it to cure for seven days and wash off excess salt. For cooking our ham, we use various methods including steaming, roasting and smoking.

And our own special technique?

“Turning the bacon every day for six days gives a great end result.”

My personal favourites…

“They’re all good! But… the Alderton Ham is made using a slightly different cure with an added secret ingredient!”