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Butchers That Smoke

Smoking meat , the Maloney’s way

Meet the expert: Scott Ricketts, butchery supervisor

Our approach to smoking…

“We’re really proud of our brand new, state-of-the-art, purpose-built smoker which has a multi programme facility.”

Poultry: “We marinate the meat and massage it with a salt, sugar and garlic mixture. Then it’s trussed up to hold shape before being placed on trays and hot smoked until the core reaches a specific temperature.”

Bacon: “After curing, we lay it on a rack and cold smoke it for three hours at 35°C – then we refrigerate and slice.”

Hams: “After curing, we put it into a cooking bag and seal it with a ‘butchers knot’! Then it’s steamed until 60°C and we remove the bag and hot smoke the meat until the core temperature is achieved.”

And our own special technique?

“We use oak chippings to generate the smoke.”

My personal favourites…

“We enjoy experimenting with new products and ideas. Recently we smoked some sausages for a customer and
have even been experimenting with smoked brisket.”