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Maloney’s have won countless awards for sausages and can make any flavour/variety required from Traditional Pork to Lamb, Garlic & Redcurrant.  The range is endless and we are always open to new suggestions!  The meat used is all hand trimmed and the pork from the Shoulder & Belly. A few years ago Radio Nottingham contacted us with a request….  The brief was ‘we have a Lincolnshire Sausage, a Cumberland Sausage etc but we don’t have a Nottinghamshire Sausage – can you develop one?’ The Nottinghamshire Sausage was born and has become increasingly popular with orders flooding in since!  It contains a blend of Nottinghamshire ingredients:  Local Pork, Local Venison, Bramley Apple (which originated in Southwell, Notts) and Herbs.